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"Library" & "Populi" Ring Binder Boxes

Autograph, Trading Card & Document

Storage & Conservation Solutions for Collectors

An archival ring binder box is perfect for the storage and protection of collections of autographs, trading cards, and Important documents!

Acids present in some current forms of protection and storage can cause irreversible damage paper, photographs and trading cards alike.

Lignin is the natural bonding element which holds wood fibres together. Photographs and paper contain lignin.

Lignin causes paper to become brittle and discolour with age!
The yellowing of old newspapers and family photos is a classic example.

There are a number of binders and folders in the market stating "No PVC - Acid Free". That maybe the case for the board used to make them, but the covering may not be of a conservation material. If any plastic is used how has it been coloured? Is it safe? Is the dye pH neutral? What about the glue used to laminate the base papers to make the board? Is that also pH neutral?

Both our "Timecare" boxes (the Grey Library box and the Showcase Populi box) are Acid free, Lignin free, elemental Chlorine free and have very low reducible sulphur content.
This is required for the safe storage of photographic items.
They also pass the PAT Photographic Activity Test.

ALL MATERIALS used to produce the boxes are of conservation pH neutral quality.

Our "Timecare" boxes are handmade in the UK and are used by Museums, Universities, Galleries and Libraries worldwide!

Both boxes have a "drop spine" (the spine lays flat) to allow easy access to the contents without creasing.

The boxes close completely, fully protecting their contents from dirt, dust and sunlight.

For best results boxes must be stored with the colour spine facing up or the pages hanging vertically from the "D" ring mechanism. This will minimize excessive weight of the box contents on the bottom items.

Which box is best for you?

Library or Populi?

The Library ring binder box is machine die-cut and hand assembled. It offers permanent and long-lasting storage.

This fully enclosed box offers the highest quality, low cost solution without sacrificing the highest standards of archival protection!

It is recommended by photographic conservators because of the quality of the archival board used.

It has double walls on three sides of the base which give extra rigidity, strength and an extra layer of protection against fire & water. The small internal wings help to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt.

A box label is provided and the box is embossed for easy positioning of the label on two sides of the box, depending on your personal preference.

Available in neutral Grey outer / White inner. Functional and strong, does the job beautifully!

The Populi Showcase box is a beautiful, hand-made, fully enclosed box. On the inside it is lined with Archival pHotoKraft paper while the outer is covered with strengthened black paper and the spine covered with Library Buckram cloth.

The Populi boxes come with Black outer and either Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or Black spine. This is our SHOWCASE box. Quality and class you can touch!

One last thing to remember is wearing gloves when handling valuables & delicate items. Gloves will protect your trading cards from dirt, dust, hand grease and perspiration.

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