Poster Tubes - Telescopic Cube

Telescopic Storage Cube Tubes

Our tubes are made from archival Acid Free & Lignin Free Board. They also pass the PAT (Photographic Activity Test).

Acid causes paper and printed photos, posters to disintegrate and this aging process is significantly slowed when the acid is removed during the manufacturing process.

Lignin is the natural bonding element which holds wood fibres together. Photographs and a paper contain lignin. Lignin causes paper to become brittle and discoloured with age! The yellowing of old newspapers and family photos is a classic example.

The tubes are handmade in the UK and are used by Museums Universities, Galleries and Libraries worldwide!

The telescopic design offers the flexibility to store posters of varying lengths and are ideal for long term storage of pasters, maps and plans.

The boxes come in a Grey colour and have hinged tops to ensure the contents does not slip out of the tubes as well as to protect your posters from dirt, dust and sunlight.

Due to the square opening of the tube it is a lot easier to insert and extract items as opposed to the conventional rounded tubes. Being able to handle items easier reduces the possibility of damage to the posters while handling them. The tubes can be stacked on top of each other into neat blocks and allows access to the contents without having to remove the tubes from the stack or shelf.

The cube tube dimensions are 100mm x 100mm x 800mm reaching all the way to 1500mm.

We also recommend the use of special Acid Free Tissue Paper to pack your items.

Our acid-free(pH7) & lignin free tissue paper is both soft and strong and measures 760mm x 510mm a sheet. Ideal for rapping , padding and storage of your posters, plans or maps!

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