Poster Tubes - “Chartpak”

"Chartpak" Tubes

These are made from a chemically no reactive material called Polypropylene and are ideal for the TRANSPORTATION of posters (autographed and non-autographed) or large Autographs collected at events or conventions.

They are Static Free, Dust Free and Water Proof!

The unique “Chartpak” design prevents discolouration or fade damage from UV RAYS and independent tests have shown the “Chartpak” system has a neutral pH range!

You can now TRANSPORT, or STORE your posters long term in the knowledge that are properly conserved and preserved.

Our roll transportation tubes can be lengthened using additional spacer pieces to extend the tube length as required. If the tube is too long, simply remove a spacer until you have it at the desired length.

The “Chartpak” tubes are Grey and come in three parts:

Top Cap - 108mm x 100mm diameter

Spacer - 305mm x 100mm diameter

Bottom Cap - 568mm x 100mm diameter

(The top and bottom cap make a basic tube of 676mm).

We also recommend the use of special Acid Free Tissue Paper to pack your items.

Our acid-free(pH7) & lignin free tissue paper is both soft and strong and measures 760mm x 510mm a sheet. Ideal for rapping , padding and storage of your posters, plans or maps!

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