Hanging File Conservation System

Comics Hanging File Conservation System

Comics are as much fun to read as they are to collect, so keeping them safe and protected from ageing and damage is a must. The better they are protected the more likely they are going to retain and keep their value.

There are a number of different comic storage boxes currently available to budding collectors out there. If you are interested in keeping your high end, rare and valuable comics in mint condition for years to come there are a few things you need to know.

If what your using to store you comics currently is just a standard cardboard box or similar storage arrangement then it won’t be protecting your comic collection the extent you might think it would that’s because it’s “Acid Free, Lignin Free or Elemental Chlorine Free”.

Acid causes paper to disintegrate and this aging process is significantly slowed when the acid is removed during the manufacturing process.

Lignin is the natural bonding element which holds wood fibres together and causes paper to become brittle and discolour with age.

All paper contains Lignin

The Solution

Our archival quality hangings file system which offers you a highly spaced, and efficient and easily indexed means of storing your most precious or cherished comics!

Our Hanging file Storage unit (box file with removable hanging bars) combines the advantages of a fixed hanging-file and a portable binder system in a free-standing box holding around 45 comics.

The hanging file system keeps comics hanging sideways which makes it easy to flip between them allowing easy access to the contents. The unit also closes completely, full protecting its contents from dirt, dust and sunlight.

The unit measures 415x317x75mm and can be stored on an archive shelf, in a cupboard or safe and taken to a point-of-use with maximum flexibility. It’s handmade in the UK using a special Archival boxboard with a white internal lining and an attractive dark maroon “Milskin” outer finish.The Boxboard is of conservation quality: pH Neutral, Acid Free, Lignin Free and Elemental Chlorine Free and has a very low reducible sulphur content.

Hanging bars 406mm and optional index tabs are available separately and can be used in conjunction with the polyester storage pockets (see below).

Storage Bags

If you collect comics chances are that you are using a “Bag and Backboard” Storage system. But unless you are specifically using “Mylar” Storage bags you most likely to be using normal PVC bags.

But there is a major problem with using PVC bags to store a comic in because using PVC can damage both the view and physical integrity of the Comic print surface. PVC tends to “sweat” and stick to the paper if left over for extensive periods of time.

Additionally there is a chemical added to PVC called “Plasticizer” which is added to make it supple and to stop it from becoming rigid. However the effect of plasticizer on paper over long periods of time CAN BE CATASTROPHIC.

The plasticizer effect on transfers the photo from the comic book surface to the inside of the PVC bag. Also PVC plastics generate acids which react with the photographic chemicals. It is this reaction that can degrade and discolour the comic cover and in doing that devalue your comic.

PVC is often recycled and can have “fatty acid slip” coatings to make it run smoother on production machinery. This too is potentially harmful to the comic outer.

Another factor to consider is that printed materials such as comic books are predominantly susceptible to the effects of humidity.

Humidity fluctuations cause crackling of the paper surface coatings and produce condensation on which will stick the photographic and print surfaces to the PVC bag.

In short the fatty slip coatings, condensation, plasticizer and hydrochloric acid will all, given time affect the paper of the comic cause irreversible damage!

The Solution Is Polyester!

With the rarity and value of comic books, handling them, viewing or storing them can present a danger of damage.

Our Polyester pockets can ensure that the comics can be handled regularly without the risk of fingerprints contaminating the surfaces, yet still not compromising the viewing of the front and back covers.

Polyester pockets are chemically inert to anything placed in them. Plasticizer free these pockets will preserve your comics indefinitely and safely.

Our Polyester pockets allow comics to be displayed and browsed will they give full archival protection against physical damage, surface reaction and atmospheric contamination. They also have a lip at the top allowing any gasses released by the paper slowly escape without further damage to the contents. Unlike PVC sealed bags which trap paper gases inside further degrading the comic book itself.

Our polyester comic book pockets will fit the Hanging File Storage Box system above. The pockets measure 309x230mm and will store comic books in sizes: 280mm x 210mm or 260mm x 170mm.

The Pockets come with an opening along the entire side of the sleeve where the hanging bars can be inserted and then placed in the Hanging File Storage Box unit. Once the polyester pockets are placed inside the hanging file unit, they will be able to carry the weight of their contents without the need for backing boards. Stiffness is achieved by the whole design of the system.

But please remember only one Comic per pocket!

Last but not least you can read and enjoy your valuable collector’s comics time and time again provided you place them on a flat clean surface and handle them while wearing gloves. Gloves will protect you comic books from dirt, dust, hand grease and perspiration.

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