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An Archival Drop Spine is ideal for the storage, protection and conservation of rare, collectable, first edition or autographed books!

Choosing the wrong storage system for your treasured book collection will disturb and destroy the historical and evidential value.


Acid causes paper and printed photos, posters to disintegrate and this aging process is significantly slowed when the acid is removed during the manufacturing process.

Lignin is the natural bonding element which holds wood fibres together. Photographs and a paper contain lignin. Lignin causes paper to become brittle and discoloured with age! The yellowing of old newspapers and family photos is a classic example.

All paper contains Lignin

The Solution

Our Archival Drop Spine box for books is Acid Free, Lignin Free or Elemental Chlorine Free and has very low reducible sulphur content. This is integral for safe storage of printed material such as books.

Our Archival Drop Spine box pass the PAT (Photographic Activity Test) and are handmade in the UK and are used by Museums Universities, Galleries and Libraries worldwide!

This is a one piece box with an overlapping lid that folds along the spine. When open the spine lays flat to allow easy access to the contents.

The box closes completely fully protecting its contents from dirt and sunlight. With the boxes to dust flaps similar to those present in library ring binder boxes close against the spine keeping dust & insects and other harmful factors away from its contents.

The box is double walled on three sides of the base and on one side of the lid to provide rigidity, strength it opens as a the book would there is no stitching or gluing. It has a grey exterior and white interior.

We also recommend the use of special Acid Free Tissue Paper to pack your items.

Our acid-free(pH7) & lignin free tissue paper is both soft and strong and measures 760mm x 510mm a sheet. Ideal for rapping , padding and storage of your valuable & autographed books!

Finally; to protect your books from hand grease and perspiration, be sure to wear gloves when handling your valuable.

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