COA and Document Protection

Mounting Paper Inserts

  • Acid Free, Lignin Free mounting paper inserts are designed to fit inside A4 Polyester pockets for the Library & Populi Ringbinder boxes.

  • Items can be mounted onto the Mounting paper inserts to create an archive system for COAs, event tickets and other relevant documents.

  • Pages can be annotated & labelled and items filed in useful logical order, to provide the complete story, rather than dictated by format!

  • The layout and the presentation of each page is entirely your individual choice.

  • Items can be secured onto the Mounting paper insert using V Mount Polyester Strips (see below for details).

V mount Polyester Strips

  • V Mount Polyester strips are clear Polyester strips with an acrylic non acidic adhesive.

  • V Mount strips are ideal for holding COAs, event tickets and any other autograph related documents securely on the Mounting paper insert (described above).

  • They are discreet, unobtrusive and offer safe means of retention and display.

  • Simply cut the strip to the desired length and place strip on the opposite sides of the item you wish to mount onto the mounting paper insert and remove the covering to expose the sticky part. Then press the sticky part into position on the mounting paper insert. You DO NOT need to run the V Strip on the entire lenght of the side of the item you wish to mount.

  • Slide your COA or other supporting documentation through the V part of the mount polyester strip.The V Mount strips will hold your supporting items firmly but will also allow instant removal of any items as often as you like.

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