Storage&Conservation Pockets

Polyester Storage & Conservation Pockets

The Scientific bit:

1. PVC – Top Loaders and Sweating.

2. Plasticizer – What is this?

3. Humidity?

1. PVC – The Present Solution

PVC Top-loaders seem to be the choice for autograph collectors and dealers alike because they offer firm protection and prevent creases and folds.

This might be true, however top loaders tent to “sweat” and stick the photographs/autographs if left inside them for an extended period of time.

The “sweating” makes it difficult to remove the autograph from the top loader and will even lift the signature from the photograph, therefore damaging the autograph and photos permanently.

The same is true if you use PVC plastic wallets!

2. Plasticizer

This is the chemical that is added to PVC

What does it do?

It makes the PVC flexible and stops it from being rigid, but the effect of the plasticizer on your photos and sharpie ink can be devastating, particularly sharpies using metallic silver or gold ink.

The plasticizer effect transfers the autograph to the inside of the top loader or PVC wallet!

Also PVC plastics generate acids such as Hydrochloric Acid which react with the photographic chemicals; it is this reaction that can over time degrade the photo or materials stored within.

PVC is often recycled and can be coated in a “fatty acid slip” to make it run smoother on the production machinery. This too is potentially harmful to both photos and the ink of the autograph.

3. Humidity

Photographs are particularly sensitive to humidity, so it is advisable to keep your photos in a cool and dry environment to avoid damage to the surface coatings of the photograph.

Adverse levels of heat and humidity can cause condensation will form which will stick the photograph to the top loader

In short the fatty slip coatings along with the plasticizer will affect the chemicals on the photo and in the ink of the pen, which in turn will cause image and signature transfer from the photo onto the plastic wallet or top-loader.

The Solution

The Alternative to using PVC!


Polyester is known as the most stable and chemically inert material used for conservation and storage today.

Our polyester pockets are inert to anything placed in them and these pockets will preserve your autographs and photos indefinitely and safely!

They contain NO plasticizer and are surface free of slip coatings and they are particularly suitable for letters, photographs and autographs!

Polyester is fungus resistant and has a higher tear strength than any other plastic film. They are also well-known for their outstanding optical clarity, quality and reliability.

Our polyester pockets will fit both the library and populi ring binder boxes.

Your autographs can be displayed and browsed within the perfect safety of the polyester pockets.

Our polyester pockets give full archival protection against physical damage, surface reaction and atmospheric contamination.

Our Polyester pockets open on the short or long side of the page and passed the P.A.T standards test.

The recommended amount of pockets per storage box is 50 and ONE autograph per pocket only.

COAs should be stored separately.

(See COA and Document Protection).

One last thing to remember is wearing gloves when handling valuables & delicate items.

Gloves will protect your autographs from dirt, dust, hand grease and perspiration.

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